Teletext old fashioned? Forget about it! Teletext is the source of actual news for millions of people. Some popular individual pages reach a few million people daily. Teletext is always accessible on the television but also via the Internet or on a mobile phone. The good accessibility in combination with a high reach and low advertising rates makes teletext a very powerful advertising platform.

High reach and attractive rates

Recent news, traffic reports, football results, stock prices and subtitles are popular searches in teletext. You can also consult teletext for the weather forecast, (last-minute) holidays, dating, the TV Guide and loads more. Teletext is an interesting platform for viewers and therefore also for advertisers. The combination of a high reach and attractive rates make teletext a unique advertising platform. The effectiveness of advertising campaigns on teletext is easy to measure. Are you trying to create an effective marketing campaign against low advertising costs? Then advertising on teletext is something you should consider.

Our added value

iTV Media has been working with teletext for a number of years. We have gained a lot of experience and knowledge throughout these years, which we would like to share with you. We have a good and up to date overview of all advertising possibilities, so we can develop a unique strategy for every advertiser. We are keen to inform you about all the possibilities on teletext.

What can you expect from us?

iTV Media offers a number of advertising possibilities on teletext. We are keen to help you translate your marketing communication objectives in an effective marketing campaign.

  • Home page. Your homepage on teletext is the same as on the Internet. Your advertising message plays a central role on this page. The page will be made-up on the basis of your corporate identity. You can even display your logo.
  • Sub page. Within your teletext page you can also create sub pages. You can use these pages for more advertising, for information about your company or for contact information. The pages rotate every second.
  • Top page. The main index page has the most views, because it is the home page for searches on teletext. At the top right of this page there is room for three short lines (with a maximum of 17 characters a line). The high amount of views on this page makes it very suitable for a reference to your commercial page.
  • Mini page. There is also room for advertisements at the bottom of the main index page. The advert is allowed to have a maximum of 90 characters.
  • Banner advertising.Another possibility is to advertise in the banner of a page. A number of pages have these special banners that allow advertisements. You can refer to your own page with a catchy phrase.

Why iTV Media?

  • Business partner of RTL Nederland, SBS Nederand and BrandDeli
  • Over 20 years of TV experience
  • Sharp pricing


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