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Home shopping, also known as DRTV (Direct Response Television) or teleshopping, is a very successful marketing technique. The service provides to public with the ability to order products or services from home. During a program a wide range of products and services are promoted and sold. Even though the Internet has grown as a platform for direct response marketing, home shopping is still a very popular and effective way to promote your business and increase your brand awareness. It is one of the best ways to advertise.

The benefits of home shopping advertising:

  • Direct response
  • National reach
  • The whole timeslot for advertising can be exploited

The history of home shopping

Home shopping has been around for ages. In the 1960’s the first home shopping program was broadcasted in the US. The popularity of home shopping increased in the 90’s when the Amazing Discoveries shows made it to Europe. This is when home shopping became an extremely popular marketing technique.

Home shopping TV has grown up

A lot has changed since then. The current home shopping channels have professionally produced programs that are similar to talk shows. The best-selling products are fitness machines, diet and health products, kitchen appliances and music. Besides a few unknown companies some big brands such as Apple, Volkswagen and Visa also use DRTV for their marketing communication.

Our added value

iTV Media has close contact with a wide range of different channels for home shopping. We have a lot of experience in guiding and advising companies with creating effective home shopping programs. iTV Media is a business partner of TV broadcasting stations such as RTL and SBS. Thanks to our connections in the TV production industry we are guaranteed good pricing and therefore we are also able to offer our customers affordable time slots.

What can you expect from us?

Home shopping advertising will attract a lot of attention to and generate a national reach for your product. iTV Media is keen to help you create the best mix of target group, channel, objective and other possibilities. We will choose a home shopping model that matches with your objectives and budget.

  • Homeshopping models. There are three types home shopping models:

    – The direct response commercial. This is the traditional form of home shopping. A direct response commercial is five minutes long.
    – The shortform-model. This contains infomercial and traditional TV advert. An infomercial is an informative commercial with a maximum timeslot of four minutes. It is a strong form of advertising because it can create ‘the feel’ of a short TV program. Another advantage of an infomercial compared to a traditional ad is that it gives you more time to present your product to your target group.
    – The longform-model. This form also contains two different types: a longform-infomercial of fifteen minutes and a traditional longform-model of about an hour. Both are suitable for a talk show like product promotion.

  • Your product in a home shopping program. Your product can be promoted in an existing home shopping programme. The recordings will take place in a professional studio. We will guide you throughout the whole process to make sure that your product is presented in the best and most effective way.
  • Tape on Desk. Tape on desk is also a possibility. There is a lot more to take into account when you want to produce the program yourself. iTV Media specializes in the development of Tape on Desk programs. For more information about Tape on Desk take a look at our page Program Idea. Here you can read about what we can do to help you achieve your objectives.

Why iTV Media?

  • Business partner of RTL Nederland, SBS Nederand and BrandDeli
  • Over 20 years of TV experience
  • International network
  • Best company for purchasing timeslots


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