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Branded content marketing is a very effective way to generate media attention for your service or product outside the commercial breaks. This marketing technique is also a very effective way to increase your brand awareness, to optimize your corporate image and to launch a new product. Branded content marketing provides you with a lot of different possibilities: from billboards to complete sponsored programs. Due to our experience we have a lot of knowledge about branded content marketing. Together we will look at the possibilities to achieve your marketing objectives with your current resources.

Branded content marketing works

We are confronted with an enormous amount of advertising campaigns every day. Throughout the years consumers have unconsciously become resistant to persuasive advertisements. Branded content is a more natural way of getting your message across to the public. This makes the content trustworthier and as a result the content will become more acceptable, which leads to a better advertising effect. Research has shown that branded content marketing influences the behaviour and the preferences of the public without them being aware of this.

Why iTV Media?

iTV media has a team of branding specialists. We work together with the best producers and TV stations to get your message across in the best possible way. We know exactly what the latest developments are and where the opportunities lie to become successful due to our intense relationship with important people in this industry.

Wat kunt u van ons verwachten?

Our knowledge, experience and network have provided us with marketing techniques that can help you communicate with your target group in a trustworthy, creative and effective way. Together we will create a campaign that matches your marketing communication objectives and budget. You can also expect a lot of enthusiasm, involvement and determination from us. We can help you with different types of branded content marketing:

  • In program. You can integrate your brand into a program in a natural way by sponsoring the program. The program will be adjusted according to your marketing objectives. There are a number of possibilities:

    – User moment. The presenter or actor uses your product during the program.
    Program item. You will be interviewed about your service, product or brand. You can also choose for a demonstration during the program. Another option is for the program to visit your company. This will be incorporated in a matching item about your company.
    Product placement. Your product will be a part of the décor without it being mentioned.
    Prize marketing. Your product is presented as a prize in for instance a game show. Your product will play a central role in the program. Your product is the desire of the contestants and therefore the public will create a positive attitude towards it. 

  • Billboard/breakbumper. Your brand or product will be mentioned as a sponsor before and after a program, in five seconds. Billboards are a great way to increase your brand awareness in a short space of time. Your campaign will generate a high reach against a relatively low cost. A break bumper is similar to a billboard, but is placed before or after a commercial break.
  • Programma sponsoring. You can chose for exclusive program sponsoring in which you are the only financial participant, or you can choose for joint program sponsoring in which you share the financial sponsorship or the program with other parties.
  • Brand promotion. Brand promotion means connecting your brand or product with a certain theme, such as Valentines Day, Easter or summer. At the same time we will help you start a promotional campaign to create a unique multi media platform. We can do this with different type of media, such as billboards and break bumpers, apps and flyers.
  • Direct response. Direct Response Television (DRTV), such as a home shopping program, invites the public to respond directly by for instance purchasing or seeking information about the product on display.
  • Tape on Desk. Tape on desk gives producers the opportunity to broadcast a ready-made TV program. Take a look at our page Program Idea for more information.

Why iTV Media?

  • Business partner of RTL Nederland, SBS Nederand and BrandDeli
  • Over 20 years of TV experience
  • Sharp pricing


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