Although Philips was experimenting with broadcasting video footage in the 1920’s, the first actual television broadcast appeared on the 12th of December 1949. Two years later the first black and white TV broadcast appeared for the general public. Nowadays it is hard to imagine a life without a television. A lot of people watch tv daily. Currently 97% of all households own a television and the average amount of appliances per household are 1,7. Although a lot of new electrical appliances have made their way to the digital entertainment market, TV sales are still high due to the innovation of technologies such as 3D.


You can hardly compare the modern television to the old one. It has gone through such an evolution technically and the usage frequency has also changed immensely. Most people that watch TV now have the choice out of dozens of channels. A lot of televisions have been replaced by modern flat screen TV’s. More and more televisions are equipped with Internet. Watching TV online is becoming very popular on other electrical devices too, such as computers, tablets and smart phones. Watching television is turning into a multimedia experience.

TV the most powerful medium

The television is still the most powerful medium. Despite all the digital developments on the Internet and social media, the television is still an effective advertising channel. The increase in the amount of programs has not resulted in a feared decrease of the effectiveness of the channel. More choice has lead to better and more effective ways of targeting. Besides the most common way of advertising on television (TV adverts), there are also a lot of other effective ways to generate extra media attention for your brand or product (Brandend content).

Our added value

iTV Media is a cross media agency for offline and online marketing services. We have been a part of the Dutch media landscape for the last 20 years. This background has provided us with all the knowledge and experience to serve any type of customer, big or small. We specialize in the small business and middle market segment. We do business with successful commercial television stations, such as RTL, SBS and Branddeli. With our broad network we can help you realize your objectives.

What can you expect from us?

Our broad portfolio provides us with the ability to create effective media packages for and give customized advice and guidance to every type of advertiser, client and business partner. We specialize in the following services:

  • Program idea. Many people dream about developing their own TV program. iTV Media can make your dream become reality. We help producers to create formats. We offer guidance throughout the whole process: from staying within the media law to pitching for television broadcasting stations, developing a sponsorship and of course the promotion.
  • TV adverts. Advertising on TV is a very effective way to increase your brand awareness, to improve your corporate image and to push sales. Besides it is less expensive than most people think. On the other hand, you do have to have the right knowledge, so you can spend your money wisely. iTV Media has the knowledge, experience and the network to create a successful campaign for any type of budget.
  • Branded content. Besides the traditional commercial breaks there are also many other ways to generate media attention for your brand or product. iTV media offers a great range of services: from billboards to prize marketing, product placement and entire commercially sponsored programs.
  • Home shopping. The success of home shopping, also known as DRTV (Direct Response TV), is a well-known fact. iTV Media can help you promote your product via the home shopping programs of big commercial television stations. We are keen to introduce you to this specific area of response marketing.
  • Teletext. Millions of people consult Teletext daily to gather information about for instance actual news, the weather reports and the football results. You can reach a very big audience at a relatively low cost on Teletext. The effect of advertisements on Teletext is very underrated. Make sure you benefit from this!

Why iTV Media?

  • Business partner of RTL Nederland, SBS Nederand and BrandDeli
  • Over 20 years of TV experience
  • Large network in the media world (broadcasting stations and producers)


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