“Focus on the customer” is the golden rule for companies. In practice this isn’t always the case. Even though the intentions to follow up on this rule might be there, a lot of companies are still too focused on their products and their organisation. Companies that work with an omnichannel strategy are often more successful in living by this rule. Omnichannel is a result of multichannel and cross channel. The customer plays a more crucial and central role than ever before in an omnichannel strategy because the focus lies on the individual brand experience, which has to be the same in every channel.


What is omnichannel?

Over the years we have been introduced to a lot of new marketing terms. What does omnichannel actually mean? The thought behind omnichannel is that customers have the same experience with a company / brand in different marketing communication channels. When they come across a certain brand, they will have a certain brand experience no matter what marketing channel they are in. For this strategic marketing formula to work, it is important that all marketing channels are made up in the same way to create a consistent brand experience for each customer. This can only be achieved if divisions such as ICT, marketing and sales work closely together. Research has shown that companies with omnichannel strategies are more profitable than those without.

The future is now

Smartphones have made it easier for companies to interact with their customers and therefore function as a bridge between offline and online marketing. New Field Communication and iBeacon in particular have offered new opportunities to retailers. New technologies like these have made it possible for companies to communicate with their customers in certain locations or areas. Mobile payments are one of the many new possibilities. Retailers can use new technologies to send the public exclusive product information and customized discounts.

Our added value

Throughout the years iTV Media has been keeping a close eye on all new developments in marketing, communication and media. We came across this new channel marketing strategy, omnichannel, in an early stage. This means we have been able to gain a lot of experience with and knowledge of this strategy. We have a lot of knowledge of marketing, communication and business. We are keen to help you focus on your customers.

What can you expect from us?

An omnichannel strategy focuses on making use of the power and technologies of every channel to provide the customer with innovative solutions. iTV Media helps companies to get their customers’ brand experience to the next level. To do so, we will take you through the following crucial steps in the process:

  • Objectives. On the basis of your strategy and your company’s objectives we will provide you with new sales objectives, which we will translate in Key Performance Indicators. The KPI’s will give us an insight in the success of the developed strategy. If needed we will be able to adjust certain aspects of the strategic plan.
  • Customer research. To measure the effectiveness of the strategy it is also important that we know what the customers’ needs are. We will help you formulate these by researching the customer journey. The customer journey stands for the whole process that a customer goes through; from the intention to buy a product to the after sales service.
  • Strategic plan. On the basis of the customer research we will develop a strategic plan that will lead to a durable competitive advantage. This plan will contain the necessary improvements, the functions of the marketing channels in the customer journey, how to optimize the marketing channels and which new channels can contribute.
  • Implementation. During this phase we will put the improvements to practice. This can be very diverse. For instance, we might have to replace old systems with new ones or organize extra training for your personnel. By implementing the strategy step by step we stay in control of the total process, which makes it easier to make adjustments where needed.

Why iTV Media?

  • Advice and guidance from A-to-Z
  • Personal approach
  • Sharp pricing


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