Database marketing

How well do know your customers? Do you effectively make use of your the customer knowledge? Most companies possess a lot more information about their clients than they realize. Nevertheless, they often do not have much insight of their own clients. The information stays untouched. In most cases companies are not aware that their database contains an enormous amount of treasures. By treasures we mean the information about their clients that can be of a very high value. Sometimes companies do not have the knowledge and resources to analyse and enrich data that can be used for marketing activities. Database marketing can lead to you being able to provide your customer with more relevant information and customized offers, which as a result will generate a higher revenue.

What is database marketing?

The more you know about your customers, the easier it is to respond to their individual needs. Database marketing is about saving information in CRM systems. CRM systems are then used for the marketing, communication and sales. These systems are very beneficial, because they can be used to save individual information about customers. Data mining and data analysis can create an added value by approaching your client at the right moment. The benefits of database marketing:

  • Customized offers for individual clients
  • Increase efficiency
  • Increase conversion
  • More relevance
  • Increase sales retention
  • Added value for your company

Database marketing for the small business and middle market segment

For database marketing to work it is important that the data is structured correctly. Small companies often save cliental data in Excel and Word. However, this is only feasible to a certain extent. More and more companies within the small business and middle market segment are choosing for Customer Relationship Management systems. These systems make it easier to carry out customer relationship management. CRM systems also give you the possibility to automate administrative processes. Using the data for marketing purposes, on the other hand, is a more difficult subject. An up-to-date cliental database and insights into the needs of your customers are extremely valuable for your company.

Disadvantages of database marketing:

  • Not all data is suitable
  • Mistakes made with the interpretation
  • Time-consuming

Our added value

iTV Media is very experienced with database marketing. We help companies in the small business and middle market segment to increase and optimize their use of customer data for cross-selling (sales of related products), up-selling (sales of products from a higher segment) and deep-selling (more sales of the same product). We can help you to develop a technically advanced database system and analyse the data, so you can generate better the results and increase your customers’ value. If you want to take a bigger step and use your databases for omnichannel marketing, we are also keen to help you.

What can you expect from us?

Every customer behaves individually according to its own needs. By analysing all available information, you can provide every customer with customized offers. iTV Media is keen to support and advise you through this process. We are able to make a quick estimation of the possibilities. We will then present you with the benefits that database marketing can have for your company. We are keen to help you through the following phases:

  • Collecting customer data. The more data you collect, the better. From information about purchases to feedback and complaints. We are keen to advise you about collecting and structuring data.
  • We have a number of database software programs that can connect all the internal data (such as transactions, call-centre data, website click stream data) and can enrich this with external data (such as age, sex, residency). Subsequently we will create added value with the help of data mining.
  • Applying customer knowledge. Information from the data analysis forms an important input for your sales strategy. We are keen to help you translate the information to useable methods for your cross-, up- and deep-selling activities.


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