Business strategy

Successful businesses all have one thing in common: they have a business strategy. They have a clear picture of the client, of the client’s needs, of their own position in the market and of how they can distinguish themselves from other companies. Successful businesses have a business strategy with a clear plan for the future. Everything they do is in need of working towards their objectives. A clear strategy is essential to be able to achieve your commercial, financial and organizational objectives. Do you know where your opportunities and threats lie?

Successful strategies

The economy is slowly recovering from the recession and the consumer confidence is also slowly increasing. The credit crunch has caused financial damage to a lot of companies. This has lead to companies holding back investments. A good business strategy is of great importance, especially in times of insecurity and big changes. Recent research has shown that nearly half of all companies in the small business and middle market segment want to change their strategy as a result of the credit crunch.

What is a business strategy?

A business strategy contains all objectives that a company wants to achieve within three to five years. It also describes how the objectives will be achieved. The company’s mission and vision form the business strategy. The mission and the vision describe the existence and the future perspective of a company. The marketing strategy, techniques and the operational implementation are also important elements of the business strategy. A good strategy forms a strong guideline, motivates employees and distinguishes a company.

Our added value

iTV Media has a lot of experience in developing business strategies. Due to our experience, our specific knowledge of the small business and middle market segment and our background we are able to easily get to the core of the problem. Our approach has proven itself many times. Our focus always lies on our clients needs. On the basis of our analysis we will provide you with the key ingredients to improve your business in a way that will increase your efficiency and that will give you a chance to grow.

What can you expect from us?

We always deliver customized advice for business strategies. Sometimes we only need to tackle a few elements to improve the strategy, the business management or the organizational structure. However, most cases require more. When developing your business strategy you need to look at the following aspects:

  • Mission. To define your mission we look at the key values, the identity and the most important reason for existence of your company. We also look at the relationships with customers, employees, partners, suppliers etcetera.
  • Vision. The vision of your company stands for what your company wants to achieve. Your vision contains your future perspective, ambition, key values and the distinctiveness of your company and products. A clear vision provides you with a future perspective, which means you can develop a plan on how to tackle possible threats in the future.
  • Market Strategy. To develop a market strategy you need to find out as to why your target group wants to do business with you. We will analyse your product assortment, the markets in which you operate, your competitive position, your proposition and the added value of your products for your clients.
  • Tactic. The tactic of your company consists of the plan, the resources and the route that will lead you to achieve your goals. We will look at the organizational structure, the strategic management model and the processes.
  • Operational implementation. The operational implementation plan will translate for instance your marketing-, sales-, financial- and product development objectives into reality.

Why iTV Media?

  • Personal approach
  • Sharp pricing
  • Specialized in the small business and middle market segment


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