A business strategy contains the mission, the vision and the objectives of an organisation. The strategy functions as a guideline for all corporate decisions. Generally the business strategy forms the basis for the marketing communication strategy. The marketing communication strategy consists of marketing communication objectives, target groups and the marketing communication mix. The media strategy is created on the basis of the marketing communication strategy.

Effective strategy

Before a plan reaches the tactical and operational level it is important to gain knowledge and insight on the abstract level. If this done correctly, an effective strategy can be developed which will provide the organisation with a strong and distinctive competitive position. By taking time to develop an effective business strategy you can gain a head start.

Looking ahead

A good business strategy is very important for success. Sometimes you need to take one step back to take three steps forward. A lot of companies in the small business and middle market segment don’t do this. They are often too busy to develop a well thought out strategy that can help them move forward. iTV Media works with a lot of companies in the small business and middle market segment. We have been doing this successfully for years. We can help you move forward.

Our added value

We have a lot of knowledge of and experience with all types of media. This means we can buy media for a very sharp price. We distinguish ourselves by spending a lot of time and sharing thoughts with our customers. With our (online) marketing background (NIMA-C) and our personal approach we can help you develop an effective strategy. At the same time we will make sure that the thinking process is shortened.

What can you expect from us?

Our priority is to find out what your objectives are and to make sure these are achieved. We are keen to think along with you throughout the whole process. This is what you can expect from us:

  • Business strategy. A business strategy is essential for achieving your commercial and financial objectives. We give customized advice for every company. We can help you with the development of a part of the strategy, but we can also help you throughout the whole process. For instance with your mission, vision, market strategy, tactic, positioning and operational implementation.
  • Positioning. We will help you to realize a preferred position in the mind of the target group. We will make use of neuromarketing technique to get a clear picture of the target group’s behaviour and thoughts. To guide you in the right direction we will first make an analysis of your product / brand, market and competitors.
  • Media strategy. We will formulate new media objectives and choose a target group on the basis of your marketing communication strategy. When developing the media strategy we have one goal in mind: to achieve the best return on your investment by creating a successful marketing communication strategy.
  • Media planning. We will help you with the choice of media, the planning and the budget. Due to our experience in and knowledge of the media world (TV, radio, online, outdoor), we have a good overview of all the opportunities and chances. Reach, frequency, surroundings and timing are important notions.
  • Media shopping. In this last crucial phase it is important that we reach your target group at the lowest possible cost. We keep in close contact with media operators and publishers; this means we get the best rates. We make it possible for any type of company, big or small, to create a successful marketing campaign.

Why iTV Media?

  •  Advice and guidance from A-to-Z
  •  Personal approach
  •  Sharp pricing


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