If you want your website to be placed on the first page in search engines, then you can consider doing this with PPC (Pay Per Click). Pay Per Click is also known as SEA. SEA stands for Search Engine Advertising and is used as a tool to generate more visitors to your website through search engines. Pay Per Click is a paid form of Search Engine Marketing. In Google it is also known as Adwords. Adwords gives you the opportunity to advertise on Google’s search- and advertising network. You can give an indication on which keywords you would like to be found to effectively reach your target group.

What is Search Engine Advertising?

Pay Per Click provides advertising space above, beneath and to the right of organic search results. You can recognise advertisements in Google by the small, yellow blocks with the word “Ad” in them. Besides Google Adwords it is also possible to advertise in search engines such as Yahoo! and Bing. For an online advertising campaign to be successful it is important that the advert is seen as much as possible to generate the ultimate amount of clicks. The more clicks an advertisement gets, the higher the conversion can be. There are different ways to optimize an advertisement. The better the ad, the more clicks it will get!

Get started with Search Engine Advertising

Increase your traffic straight away by getting in contact with our search engine experts! We will configure and optimize your Adwords account. If you operate internationally it is good to take other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing into consideration for your advertising. We advise to take a minimum of five hours a month into account for search engine advertising. Feel free to contact us. We will start with optimizing your website immediately in order to achieve your online marketing objectives.

Our added value

Our search engine experts have a broad knowledge about and a lot of experience with Google Adwords, Yahoo! and Bing Ads. Our specialism in the small business and middle market segment provides us with a broad knowledge, especially about this target group. We keep a close eye on the developments in this market. Besides the standard SEA tools, we have also developed our own tools. These tools are the key ingredients to reaching your target group.

What can you expect from us?

To start with Pay Per Click we first need to know with which keywords you want to advertise. With these keywords we will start a keyword research and generate a list of all relevant keywords. We will add all the relevant keywords to your account, write adverts and install advert extensions. Alongside these activities we will also optimize your web pages to increase the conversion percentage of your website.

  • PPC-check. Do you want to know what can be improved in your current Adwords, Yahoo! or Bing-account? Ask us for a SEA-check. We guarantee that we will come with advice for improvements for your PPC management account. The costs for a PPC-check are €125. These costs will be settled when we start with monthly SEA-optimization for you.
  • The numbers tell the tale. The conversion rates of your website are our priority. To measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and adjust them, we will index the data from our research. We do this by using tools that search engines provide us with and by using our own lead system. By determining what the maximum cost per click is beforehand, you will know exactly how much each transaction will cost and what your daily maximum budget will be. During the whole process we will optimize your campaigns to get the best conversion results against the lowest costs.
  • Retargeting. Have your adverts in Google Adwords not been successful in achieving your online marketing objectives? Are visitors not responding to the call to actions such as filling in a form or buying your product? We can help you. We will approach these people again by advertising on websites they visit frequently. By repeatedly confronting them with the adverts, you’ll increase the chance of conversion.

Why iTV Media?

  •  Specialized in the small business and middle market segment
  •  Advice and guidance from A-to-Z
  •  Personal approach
  •  Sharp pricing


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