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The importance of conversion optimization has grown due to the increase of the amount of websites and competition between these websites. It doesn’t matter how many visitors your website attracts, if they don’t respond to your conversion goals, then all your efforts have not been of much use. The average conversion rates for the small business and middle market segment lie below 1.5%. iTV Media can help you increase your conversion rate by at least 30%. Our approach to conversion optimization has been very successful over the last couple of years. We can improve the online conversion for any type of company.

What is conversion optimization?

Conversion optimization is a way to improve the efficiency of your website. In other words: visitors must be turned into clients. There are a number of elements that influence the conversion of a website, such as the speed, the content, the design and the user friendliness. By analysing and testing a website you can make a list of all critical mistakes that have been made that hinder conversion. On the basis of this list you can optimize your website by making improvements to erase these mistakes. Conversion optimization leads to a significantly higher return on investment.

The effectiveness of conversion optimization

Conversion optimization is increasing in its popularity. Yet a lot of companies in the small business and middle market are not dealing with it professionally. Research has shown that for every €92 that is spent on generating more traffic, only €1 is spent on conversion optimization. You can gain a high of competitive advantage in this area. Currently it is possible to score higher than your competitors with a relatively low investment.

Our added value

Over the years we have helped our clients improve the conversion of their websites and web shops. Due to our specialism in the small business and middle market segment we know the struggles a lot of companies have. We have the knowledge and tools to improve the conversion of any company in any type of industry. Up to now, we have managed to generate an increase of conversion for our customers between 30%-400%. Do you want to know what your possibilities are? We can give you an indication of the minimum expected conversion increase in our first meeting.

What can you expect from us?

We have the knowledge, experience and tools to present you with your possibilities in a very short space of time. After the analysis we will try to help you generate more turnover. We have divided the process in a number of important steps to get the best results:

  • Intake / objective. During our first meeting we will provide you with information about the different possibilities. To start with we will present you with a prediction for the conversion increase we think you could achieve. As soon as we have a clear picture of your objectives we will be able to make a further analysis of your website.
  • Analysis of your website. We have all the knowledge and tools to thoroughly rate the functioning of your website. To do this we use tools such as Google Analytics and Visual analysis.
  • Conversion hindrances. On the basis of our analysis we will make a list with recommendations for improvement. Some issues are easy to fix, but others can be rather time consuming. Together we will go through all the problems and look for possible solutions to improve your website on the basis of your objectives.
  • Make improvements. During this phase we will start with making improvements in the navigation, presentation and communication.
  • After we have made the improvements, we will measure the effect of every one of them. We do this by comparing the new results to the results of the old situation. We will continue to make changes until we have reached the desired result.
  • Follow-up. Your target group, your company and your product portfolio are continuously changing. The same goes for the Internet, Google, search behaviour and your website. It is very important to maintain your website and keep it up to date with the latest trends to keep the conversion at a maximum. This is a continuous process. The higher your conversion, the higher your turnover.

Why iTV Media?

  •  Specialized in the small business and middle market segment
  •  Conversion increase of up to 400%
  •  Sharp pricing

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