Content is king! In the last couple of years content marketing has been one of the most important trends for marketing- and communication professionals. Providing your (potential) customers with the right information at the right time makes content marketing effective. We are becoming more and more capable to predict the desires of different target groups. This provides us with the right knowledge to create content that is strong, trustworthy, valuable and relevant. We are keen to help you create valuable content via the right channel and for the desired target group.

What is content marketing?

For a content marketing strategy to be successful, it is of great importance that you have knowledge of the desires of your (potential) customers. Only then you can provide them with the right information. The difference between advertising and content marketing is that advertising sends consumers unwanted messages and content marketing provides consumers with information that is specifically fit to their needs and desires at a specific moment. This can be in the orientation phase, the consideration phase or in the decision-making (purchasing) phase. Content marketing can be a useful tool for online, print and TV communications. The effectiveness of online content marketing is easy to measure. That is why it is a very suitable marketing tool for SEO.

Why iTV Media?

Our online marketing team is keen to help you improve your content. iTV Media has a lot of knowledge on how to improve the effectiveness of content marketing strategies. Over the years we have gained a lot of experience in creating valuable content. With our expertise we can help you improve your online visibility; create a better brand awareness and a preferred competitive position. Our SEO experts work closely together with our content specialists. Our main focus within content marketing is the creating a beneficial relationship between a brand and consumers. Besides return on investment we also think return on relation is of great importance.

What can you expect from us?

Online content marketing is very popular due to its measurability. Consumers are continuously seeking for good content. We are keen to help you get a clear picture of the demands for your brand or products. By creating a content marketing strategy plan together, we will get a better insight of your target group, the market and the brand or product experiences of your target group. iTV Media is keen to help you determine your vision and mission and help you create a strategic plan. We will carry out and adjust this plan on the basis of the agreed key performance indicators.

We will analyse:

  • Visitors. The amount of visitors, the profiles of visitors and the development of brand preference.
  • Content. The amount of views the content has had, the amount of indexed pages, the amount of time the content has been viewed, the references/links from other media and the relationship between searches for brand- or product names and other keywords.
  • Conversion. The amount of responses, the amount of leads, visits from different pages, the amount of times the content is shared and the visits of several pages.
  • Turnover & Exposure. Online and offline turnover, the participation in discussions in online media and the increase of brand awareness.

Why iTV Media?

  •  Specialized in the small business and middle market segment
  •  Advice and guidance from A-to-Z
  •  Personal approach
  •  Sharp pricing


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