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Online Marketing

online marketing

The Internet plays a big role in today’s society. The Internet and other new modern technologies have had a great impact on the way we communicate. Communication is gradually shifting from offline to online. More and more companies are trying to improve their online visibility by using online marketing tools such as Search Engine Optimization and social media. They are doing this in order to attract new customers via the online channel. For online marketing communication to be effective it is of great importance that you have the knowledge of how to implement your strategy correctly. An effective online strategy is the key to a successful positioning. iTV Media strives to help you achieve a respectable return on investment in the online work field.

What is online marketing?

Online marketing is a broad concept. It contains all activities to create a desirable corporate image in the online channel. This can be done by creating an online campaign, e-mail marketing, social media, banners on websites, affiliate marketing, but also by Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Advertising. The online channel offers a lot of new ways for companies to communicate with their audience. Over the years communication has become more interactive between companies and their customers / prospects.

The benefits of online marketing

  • Costs. The costs of online marketing are relatively low compared to the more traditional forms of marketing. The main reasons for this is that the entry costs are low and at the same time it is very effective.
  • Reach. People are increasingly spending more time online. Good online visibility automatically results in a high reach. The Internet creates a lot of opportunities to get in contact with potential customers.
  • Efficiency. Online marketing can be very cost-effective when used correctly. The average return on investment is much higher than for any other form of marketing.
  • Measurability. An important benefit of online marketing is that you can easily measure its effectiveness. It is more difficult to measure the effectiveness of traditional media, such as print work or television. For online marketing it is really easy to determine conversion ratios. Besides insights in your own results, you can also easily see the activities and results of the competition.
  • Goal oriented. Online marketing offers you the opportunity to give your advertising a personal touch. When you chose the right segmentation and positioning, you’ll be able to reach your target group more effectively. The Internet also creates the opportunity to increase your online visibility in specific areas.

Our added value

The Internet is loaded with online marketing messages. Nevertheless, there are still companies that don’t operate or don’t operate correctly in this channel. Online marketing tools can improve your online visibility and conversion. iTV Media can help you improve your online marketing in the following areas:

  • SEO. We will improve your online visibility by optimizing the content on your website with relevant keywords. We will also improve the technical side of your website and generate more traffic to your website by providing it with competitively strong content.
  • PPC. Another tool to improve your online visibility is through advertising in the number one search engine: Google. With your conversion goals taken into account we will create Adwords campaigns. Throughout the whole process we will optimize the campaigns at the lowest rate possible.
  • Conversion optimization. After analysing your website and your conversion goals, we will start making improvements that will lead to a significant rise in your conversion. To get the best results we will test every change extensively.
  • Omni channel. Customer is king. It is very important to respond to the latest developments by making sure that the communication is consistent throughout different channels so that the customer gets the ultimate experience. iTV Media will guide you throughout the whole process for creating a ultimate customer approach.
  • ICT-sector. Due to the fact that many of our clients companies from the ICT sector, we have gained a lot of experience with online marketing in the ICT industry. We are keen to help you with your online marketing activities.

Why iTV Media?

  • Specialized in the small business and middle market segment
  • Advice and guidance from A-to-Z
  • Personal approach
  • Sharp pricing


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