The media plan is based on the media strategy. The media plan contains the choice of media, the planning and the budget. The success of a campaign depends on the media plan. To effectively realize your marketing objectives you first need to analyze the effect of all types of media on your commercial target group. The reach of a medium type plays a big role when choosing the right media. Timing and frequency are also important factors for an effective advertising campaign.

Our added value

iTV Media has been a media planner for a lot of big customers for a number of years. We take your objectives into account with everything we do. As a result of this we have created many successful advertising campaigns. To effectively reach the commercial target groups we also try to create the perfect experience and put a lot of effort into the design.

What can you expect from us?

As a cross media agency we have a lot of experience with all types of advertising media: TV advertising, online advertising, print advertising and outdoor advertising. Our active role in the media landscape has provided us with a clear view of all possibilities and we are well aware of where the chances lie. When making a choice of media type for your media plan we analyse which operators, titles, TV channels and TV programs match with your objectives. We also look into the consumption behaviour of the target group to make the right choice of timeslot and time period.

When developing a media plan there are a number of things you have to take into account:

  • Reach. The reach stands for the amount of people that have been confronted with a marketing message or type of media. The media plan is all about gaining a high reach of the relevant target group. Just shooting your message into the world doesn’t work. For a marketing message to be effective, the communication needs to be targeted very specifically. Every type of media has a different way of expressing the reach. For television the Gross Rating Point is used as a tool to express the reach of the target group. One GRP means that 1% of the relevant target group has been reached.
  • Contact frequency. The contact frequency stands for the amount of times a single person is confronted with a marketing message. This is especially important when introducing a new product or when trying to increase the brand awareness of a product.
  • Media costs. These are the costs that are tied to reaching a certain amount of people within the target group.
  • Surroundings. The effectiveness of a marketing message doesn’t only depend on the type of media or the popularity of a program/title. The commercial power also relies on the surroundings. By surroundings we mean the environment of the message. This is different for every type of media. For TV this can be the editorial environment of a television station, the genre or even the titles of the surrounding programs.
  • Budget. After all the expected costs have been put into perspective, it is time to create a mix that will lead to the best results and that fits within the budget of the customer. Due to our big network and numerous partnerships with commercial television stations we are able to get discounts, which means we can provide you with the lowest rates.
  • Planning. The planning is usually the last chapter of the media plan. The planning consists of a schedule of the planned activities, dates and times. The planning often consists of a number of bursts. Bursts are periods that increase the brand awareness by intensifying the communication. iTV Media starts working on the planning in an early stage of the process. This is especially important for a product launch. We strive to help you the best we can throughout the whole process to make sure that the product launch and the campaigns run simultaneously.

Why iTV Media?

  • Large network in the media world (broadcasting stations and producers)
  • Over 20 years of TV experience
  • Advice and guidance from A-to-Z


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